Download : MaxRef Widgets Plugin

The versatile WordPress MaxRef Widgets plugin developed and published by Scott Frangos and Antonie Potgieter has a powerful set of tools, allowing you as a webmaster to transform the way that users reference the content on your site. As the name says it short and sweet, it will maximize reference to your content.

With literally unlimited sidebar widgets on multiple sidebars (if needed), the plugin creates beautiful little blocks displaying items to posts, links, pages and much, much more according to your specified sorting order, sorting colum, category selection and a stack of other customization features. Each of these MaxRef widgets can be individually configured to suit your needs.

The plugin has been released as GPL, therefore it is free for download and use throughout your personal and business WordPress based websites. Feel free to obtain the plugin directly from WebFadds and give it a go, for I can guarantee you that you will definitely find it useful.