YouTube Subscribe Link/Button

I’ll show you how to create a YouTube subscribe link and button for your channel.

Growing the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel is extremely important. With a large number of YouTube subscribers, you’ll have a following of YouTube users who will see your videos in their recommended feed and some will even be notified when you post new videos.

You can place a YouTube subscribe link or button on your website, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc), emails/newsletters and just about anywhere you can think of where users can click the link/button.

A link and a button are a bit different. A link is static and will work anywhere, while the button is Javascript driven. Let’s create them:

YouTube Subscribe Link

The YouTube subscribe link is in the following format:

Simply change “channelname” to your own channel’s name or ID. Get your channel name/ID on YouTube.

Here is a large YouTube subscribe button image you can use on your website or where ever:

…or you can just Google “YouTube subscribe button” for more results.

YouTube Subscribe Button

Generating a YouTube subscribe button which is interactive can easily be done with the online YouTube subscribe button generator over at Google Developers: YouTube. The code of the button looks like this:

Simply change “channelname” to the name or ID of your YouTube channel.

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