If you have a Smok vape mod you may have experienced the Don’t Abuse Protects error message.

The error message seems to appear on many of the Smok mods such as the Alien, Alien Mini AL85, G-Priv, GX350, etc.

How to Fix: Don’t Abuse Protects

don't abuse protects

don’t abuse protects

It is quite hard to figure out the problem but the cause is when you turn off the tank/atomizer while the mod is off and screw it back on again or screw a new one on.

The solution is to press the fire button so the screen comes on and then screw the tank off. Again press the fire button so the screen is on when you screw the tank back on again. So basically make sure that the screen is always on when you unscrew and rescrew the atomizer (RTA, RDA, RDTA) onto the Smok mod.

That solves the Don’t Abuse Protects problem. Happy vaping!

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don't abuse protects