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WordPress: 404 Not Found When Submitting Form

I’ve seen many designers/developers facing an inexplicable issue where a WordPress form goes to 404 Not Found page. The most obvious reason for this would be that the URL to which the form is submitting is incorrect. But after reviewing the code and making sure that the form submits to the correct URL (which exists),

PHP : Strip filename from a URL

Using PHP, you might need to strip the path from a URL, leaving behind just the filename at the end of the URL. You can achieve this with a regular expression pattern of course, but I have a much simpler solution. See the example code below.

iTunes : Change podCast Feed URL

At some stage, you might need to change the podcast feed URL of your podcast listed in the iTunes directory. In order to do so, you’ll need to tell the iTunes podcast directory that a new feed URL is available by inserting a tag into your XML structure. See the example below.