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iOS Safari “Cannot decode raw data”

We setup a site recently and I experienced a “Cannot decode raw data” error in Safari on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. We have a caching plugin installed on the site on WordPress called WP Super Cache and I immediately assumed that this had something to do with it. Clearing the cache or

Mac OS X: Safari 6.0.4

Apple has released version 6.0.4 of it’s Safari web browser. The main and only reason for this update is to give you control over Java applet on a per-website basis. When you visit a website which tries to run a Java applet, Safari will ask you to block or allow the applet accordingly. It results

Safari Tabindex

By default, Safari ignores the pressing of the tab button on the keyboard to follow the tab index of fields, specifically on checkbox and radio button fields. Here is a video to show the problem: You can fix this by going to Safari Preferences > Advanced > Press Tab… Here is a screenshot to show

Safari: Open links in new tab instead of new window

By default, Safari 5 will open links with a target _blank attribute in a new Safari window. I don’t like this as I prefer to browse in one window. Many of you might have the preference of opening links in a new instead of a new window. To do this, go to Safari > Preferences

WordPress : Safari

If you’ve been trying to write posts in the WordPress TinyMCE editor using the Safari web browser, you might have noticed that breaklines are not correctly treated and that your posts end up being a single block of text rather than paragraphs as expected.