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iOS7 Beta 3 Released

Apple has released beta 3 of it’s iOS7 and it is available for download right now. They included a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. See the release notes (unofficial) with all the changes made to this new beta release of iOS7. If you are running iOS7 beta 1 or 2, you can update by

iOS 6.1.4

Apple has released iOS 6.1.4 software update for the iPhone 5. The software update simply includes an updated audio profile for speaker phone. The update doesn’t include anything else other then this, according to Apple’s public release notes. No fixes, features or enhancements unfortunately. Based on some news and rumours, Apple is hard at work

iOS: Skype Go Offline Setting

On the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices Skype has a “Go Offline” setting which can be found under Settings > Skype on your iOS device. What does the setting do? It was added at the end of 2010 by Skype to allow you to specify how long Skype should run in the background after

iPhone App Switching

Yes you can multitask with the iPhone 5 using app switching. Simply tap the home button twice quickly to see running apps sorted by the most recent. Switching back and forth keeps the apps in their current state. This is probably the most efficient way of switching between apps on the iPhone and you dont