Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for Mac OS X

It was always possible to add RSS feeds to Mac OS X and I used it frequently just like many of you.

Unfortunately Apple killed RSS feeds in Mac OS X with the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The RSS feed in simply disappeared and it isn’t possible to subscribe to RSS feeds through anymore unfortunately.

We have to find an alternative and there are many but first let’s get our RSS feed URLs back so that we can continue.

Getting your list of RSS Feeds from

You can easily get the list of RSS feeds that you were subscribed to with on Mac OS X.

Open your terminal and type/paste the following command and hit the Enter/Return key:

pubsub --client list | cut -f3

It will output the list of URLs for the feeds that you were subscribed to so that you can resubscribe to them using an alternative RSS news feed client.


Get a Popular RSS Feed Reader

Now you can go ahead and get software to load your existing and new RSS feeds into.

Here are some popular RSS feed reader apps for Mac OS X which are worth looking at:

RSS Toaster

Cost: $0.99


RSS Toaster is what we are all used to. It displays in a similar fashion to an email client like Mac OS X itself. Feeds on the left, reading panel on the right with items at the top and the selected item’s content below that. You should find this RSS reader easy to use and an easy transition from what you had in previously.



Cost: Free


Another great RSS feed reader and Reeder is very similar to RSS Toaster above, giving you a traditional interface to work with. My concern about Reeder is that it links up with your Google Reader account. When you start it up the first time it asks you to login with Google Reader and since Google Reader is being discontinued I’m not sure what this means and if Reeder will continue working as it should after Google Reader stops working. I assume not? For now, it looks great and it works well.


NewsBar – RSS News Reader for Mac OS X

Cost: $4.99


The NewsBar – RSS News Reader is a different approach to reading your RSS feeds. I personally prefer this since it integrates well with Mac OS X and you don’t have a distinct, separate application where your RSS feeds are running that you have to switch to. It hooks to the notification centre to let you know about new items in feeds and it has a beautiful tab-controlled and fully customisable news bar where you can view all your feeds as well as quickly share, bookmark, etc.


Leaf RSS Reader

Cost $4.99


Leaf RSS Reader for Mac OS X provides an elegant, clean and simple way of reading RSS feeds on your Mac. It shows all feed items in an easy to read window and slides out the item content as you click on it. This reader makes it easy to catch the highlights of your RSS feeds and click through to the ones that you would like to read more about.


RSS Reader

Cost: $1.99


This is one of the most popular RSS reader apps in the Mac App Store. It provides a clean, uncluttered interface without any images, showing your RSS feed items so that you can click on them and view more. It handles perfectly from the taskbar/statusbar as well so you’ll never miss any news or articles. If you like the looks of it, get RSS Reader for your Mac today.