How to Disable Macbook Trackpad

You can disable your Macbook’s internal trackpad while you have a mouse or trackpad connected.

Why Disable Macbook Trackpad?

Your Macbook’s trackpad may be useless to you while you are you using a mouse or an external/wireless trackpad. It may even cause problems for you with accidental touches on the trackpad while you type, use certain applications or play games on your Macbook.

As a result, best will be to turn the trackpad off on your Macbook.

Disable Macbook Trackpad

Let me show you how to disable your Macbook’s trackpad.

Open System Preferences and go to Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad.
Then tick/check the “Ignore built-in trackpad when mouse or wireless trackpad is present“.

That’s it, your trackpad will now be disabled on your Macbook while you have another device such as a mouse connected.

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