With iTunes, it only allows you to retrieve album artwork and lyrics with a valid account into which you are logged in. Getting an iTunes account is not a problem, but it is not supported in all countries and without being able to add your credit cart to Apple’s system, you simply cannot get these things.

I have a found a great solution which allows one to obtain both lyrics and album artwork without even having to be logged in. You’ll need to download and install the "Sing that iTune!" dashboard widget. You can download the dashboard widget here.

Get iTunes album artwork and lyrics without an account

Once you have it in your dashboard, click the "i" to view it’s configuration settings. You’ll need to tick the "Save Lyrics in iTunes" and the "Download Artwork" checkboxes. Additionally, you need to select the "into iTunes" option to the right of the "Download Artwork" checkbox.

And that’s it! You’ll now have iTunes album artwork and lyrics without having an iTunes account.