Google Drive is being discontinued in favor of the new Google Backup & Sync.

Many of us have used and are still using Google Drive to store all our files and documents online. At the same time you may have been using Google Photos to store all your photos and videos online, linked to your Google Account and Google Drive as well.

Google Drive will be Discontinued

Fewer of us actually used the Google Drive app on our Macs and PCs.

The Google Drive app installed on your computer to automatically sync all your Google Drive files and documents between Google Drive online and a Google Drive folder on your computer.

Google Drive app is now being discontinued.

Get the New Google Backup & Sync

Google has already created and launched the successor of the Google Drive app and it is called Google Backup & Sync.

The new Google Backup & Sync app does what the Google Drive app did and more. It will also simulate the iCloud Drive by Apple in the sense that it can backup your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders to Google Drive as well as any other custom folders you specify.

In addition to backing up certain folders on your Mac or PC, you can also configure it to automatically upload newly added photos and videos from your devices such as phone, USB or SD card to Google Photos automatically each time you connect them. This simulates the iPhoto Library as all Apple users already know.

Google Backup & Sync will sync file and photo data in the same application.

Once you install Google Backup & Sync, it will seamlessly integrate with your computer and the existing Google Drive folder like the Google Drive app previously did. You don’t have to worry about re-downloading your Google Drive folder, it will continue where you left off.

Download Google Backup & Sync

You can download Google Backup & Sync here.

There are Personal and Business editions. All regular Google Drive users should download the Personal edition which will behave like Google Drive did on your computer. Businesses or customers with G Suite (Google Apps) accounts can use the Business edition which has more team-orientated features specifically for that. Without a G Suite account, you cannot use the Business edition.

Choose between the Personal and Business Google Backup & Sync apps.