There are several ways to backup your server.

If you have a WHM/cPanel server, WHM makes it easy for you to make backups under Backup > Backup Configuration and of course the legacy backup system under Backup > Legacy Backup Configuration. WHM creates backups inside the /backup directory by default and allows you to go as far as using a remote FTP server to send the backups to via FTP.

That is all good and well but I wanted to make offsite backups which are pretty much automated and will be affordable at the same time as well. I did a bit of research and struggled to find the right service then it occurred to me that Amazon S3 might be a solution. And so it was/is! It is possible.

There are two possible options at this time:

1. Using a 3rd party plugin/script

By default, the stable release of WHM (11.40 as I write this) doesn’t have Amazon S3 as a backup destination at this time so you have to use a 3rd party plugin or script to achieve this.

You’ll have to use something like or to achieve this. They are both still a bit techy for me though. Not that I am not tech savvy, I just don’t want to struggle with having to install custom repos just to find out that they don’t behave the way I want them to. From what I read, the ones I mentioned work fine, I just wanted something even more straightforward and simple.

2. Using WHM itself

After even a bit more research I found this Amazon S3 integrated into WHM as a backup solution feature request which was responded to and it was integrated into their CURRENT release (version 11.42 as I write this).

It is recommended that you wait for this release instead of upgrading to CURRENT since STABLE is fully tested and publicly upgraded for everyone. If you need this urgently and you’re willing to give it a try, then you can.


So I upgraded my WHM to the CURRENT release which contains this. The upgrade was a hassle and it got stuck and took some time, specifically due to high bandwidth logs on our server but it finished eventually and all was set.

With that done, you can go to Backup > Backup Configuration in WHM to setup your backup configuration and at the very bottom where the destinations are set, you’ll see that Amazon S3 is now available as an option. Simply choose it, click “Add Destination” then fill in your Amazon access key and secret key and click “Save & Validate” so that WHM can test if the credentials are correct.

That’s it, you’re done. As WHM backs up your server, it will automatically send the backups to your Amazon S3 backup which you chose.