I installed a VPN server recently using Amazon EC2 + OpenVPN and ran into an issue.

After installation and configuration, the web ui didn’t load. I searched the web and found a few users with the same issue.

Run the Configuration Wizard

First thing you should do is to run the configuration wizard. Open up your terminal, login to your server via SSH and then execute this command:

sudo /usr/local/openvpn_as/bin/ovpn-init

That will take you through the configuration. Agree to the terms & conditions and go through the setup. All the settings can be left on the defaults except for the network interface. It defaults to 2 for some reason so rather choose 1 to apply to all network interfaces, local IP ranges.

Access the Web UI on SSL

Once you’ve done that, here is the trick. Access the web ui like this:

Change out with the listening IP of your server of course. On port 943 and directory /admin/

See the https:// . That is the trick. Make sure you enter https:// into your browser like that. That’s what fixed it for me.