First Freight lost two of my packages – expensive packages. They just disappeared and First Freight denied ever collecting them.

After a long discussion and many phone calls I resorted to showing them CCTV footage of how the specific packages were in fact collected by a First Freight van and driver. Still the First Freight customer service said that it is not their van and not their driver even though the van has their logo and branding on it.

I was treated very badly as a client. John Clements from customer service told me “fuck you” over the phone. I asked for a call transcript and I was told by Gaenor Smith – customer service manager – that they do not record calls. It is a lie because later on it turned out that they do record calls.

During my email conversations with them, Tamara O’Brien emailed me to tell me I’m an “asshole”. No apology or any type of communication back from her.

After both incidents I contacted the supervisor Gaenor Smith who dismissed everything. I then reached out to the CEO Melinda Barrella who also dismissed it and never took action against these staff members.

The packages were found 11 days after they were collected – abandoned somewhere in a warehouse/depot.

I’ve since moved to a different courier. Yesterday I received an email from First Freight with a final letter of demand for an outstanding account and invoice. The letter states that if I don’t pay within 1 day (tomorrow), they will issue a summons and I will be liable for the legal costs. This is legally incorrect since the South African law states that a final letter of demand should be followed by a minimum of 14 days grace period for a person to pay. I will pay the account, I don’t mind.

I cannot imagine how many other people face the same problems. Do not use First Freight. Do yourself a favor and get a better courier. You deserve better service and less stress.