How to Test Email Spam Score

You can test the spam score of your emails/newsletters before sending them out.

What is Email Spam Score?

A spam score is a score given to emails by SpamAssassin or similar software on the incoming mail server.

The email spam score is determined by a range of checks, validations and algorithms to give an email a score between 0 and 10. The lower the score of the email/newsletter, the better it is and the better the chances of it being delivered correctly to the recipient. The higher the spam score, the more likely the email is to fall into the spam/junk folder of the recipient.

Prevent emails from falling into spam by lowering the spam score.

How to Test Email Spam Score

For your incoming emails, your email server should already have a configurable spam score utility enabled to do that for you. For outgoing emails/newsletters, you can manually check and test the email spam score before sending it out. Here are several ways:

1. Test Spam Score Online

To test email spam score online, you’ll need the full, raw email with all headers and data. Then you can go to Postmark and paste the email there to have it tested for you. It will provide you with a spam score between 0 to 10, together with a report of what causes the score to increase.

2. Email Spam Score Programmatically

Using Postmark and SpamAssassin, you can code a spam score utility into your web application. See the Postmark API documentation for more information. It is a JSON API and provides several pre-built libraries in different programming languages. Or you can build your own spam score utility based on the JSON API.

3. Spam Score in Newsletter Software

Several email/newsletter software packages include spam score utilities built into them.

The WordPress Newsletter plugin by Tribulant Software has a spam score utility built into it as a standard feature which will check and test your newsletters for possible spam issues on the fly as you create them. It also provides a detailed report of what needs to be fixed to get the score down as close to 0 (zero) as possible.

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