CakePHP : Form Radio Default Checked Value

With the CakePHP FormHelper, you can output a set or a list of radio button widgets.



In the line of code above, you’ll notice the default attribute value. This specifies the value of the radio button which will be checked by default in case there is currently no value passed through the model data.

  • Safi

    it is not working

  • http://nil jeffery

    thankz very much…………

    i was having some trouble displaying the selected value for radio using cake methiod…this solved it…great tip………….
    sometimes we make a mess for even the tings that can be done easily…

  • Gaurav

    Thanks it worked, I was looking for an answer to this. :-)

  • jack

    You can do something like this also…

    radio(‘Model.field’, array(‘option1′=>’option1′, ‘option2′=>’option2′), array(‘default’=>’option2′, ‘legend’=>false)); ?>

  • Uttarakhandi

    radio(‘Model.field’, array(‘option1′=>’option1′, ‘option2′=>’option2′), array(‘default’=>’option2′, ‘legend’=>false)); ?>

  • DaManLovett

    If you have a lot of radio buttons and they have the same values, you can set up $options = array(‘option1′=>’option1′, ‘option2′=>’option) then all you have to do is for each radio button put

    input(‘Model.field’, array(‘options’=>$options), array(‘default’ => ‘option2′)); ?>

  • nano

    Thanks :)