Sometimes a Google Adsense 403 Forbidden error may occur when you try to display ads on your website.

In this post I’ll tell you about the common reasons for this error and how to fix it.

Why Does the Google Adsense 403 Forbidden error?

If you don’t see ads on your website after adding Google Adsense code, give it some time. If after 24 – 48 hours you still don’t see any ads on your website, this 403 Forbidden error may be the cause. You’ll see this error when you view your browser’s console while on your website.

403 Forbidden error occurs mostly for new AdSense users. Users whose AdSense application was initially rejected and later got approved on reapplying will get this error mostly. You would have even received an Adsense approval message just like the one below saying that “Your account has been approved and ads will go live within few hours”.

The error basically means that your request to fetch ads from Google Adsense was rejected, thus the 403 Forbidden error. So Google Adsense isn’t showing any ads.

How to fix 403 Forbidden error?

Go through these steps to fix the Google Adsense 403 Forbidden error:

1. Check Your Adsense Code

Make sure your Google Adsense code is correct by going to the location where you inserted your code and reviewing it.

You can also go back to your Google Adsense account, copy the code again and insert it into the website again to make sure it is correct.

2. Add your website in Google Adsense

Google Adsense will only allow requests from verified websites that you own.

In your Google Adsense account, go to Settings > My Sites where you’ll see a list of your verified sites. As soon as you place ads on a website, after a couple of hours, the website should automatically show up in this list and you can just verify it by accepting and confirming that it is your website. If it is not in the list already to verify, you can manually add it.

3. Check With Your Hosting Provider

Some hosting providers have security implemented which may cause this to happen. Ask your hosting provider if Google Adsense requests are blocked and if they can allow/whitelist it for you so that you can continue.

4. Switch off Cloudflare Rocketscript :

If your website uses CloudFlare then you must make sure that you switch off the Rocketscript because it may break your Google Adsense code and prevent ads from displaying. Go to your CloudFlare account, go to Speed tab and check if the Rocket Loader is Off.

5. Report this at Adsense forum:

Now, move on  to Google Adsense forum , and create a new thread stating this issue. So that, experts can check if your site has any other problems.

6. Use Adsense troubleshooter:

Visit Adsense Troubleshooter and then fill up the questions asked. So that, you will get an opportunity to file a ticket. Now, an AdSense Officer will directly contact you through email. Now, he will check out this issue and he will manually approve your account and then ads will start displaying within 24 hours.