Contact Form 7 Email/Newsletter Subscribers


Email marketing is a great way of notifying your customers/clients about specials, news, etc. Sending a bulk email to your subscribers broadens your market in the aspect that you make them aware of something which they may not have known about and which they may find useful at the same time.

We have written a small and free extension plugin which gives you the ability to save email/newsletter subscribers from Contact Form 7 plugin forms on your WordPress site. Contact Form 7 is a free, open-source plugin whilc the Newsletter plugin is a premium  plugin which is well worth the price.

It is an extension plugin for the Contact Form 7 plugin and our Newsletter plugin and was written using only action and filter hooks in both plugins.


The following things are required:

That’s all you need to start creating beautiful forms such as booking, enquiry and contact forms and capture email/newsletter subscribers from them at the same time.

How it Works

Once you have installed and activated the 3 plugins above, you are ready to go.

You can create a new form (or edit and existing one) using Contact Form 7 in the “Contact” menu of your WordPress dashboard. While editing the form and you have added all your fields as needed, choose “Newsletters” from the “Generate Tag” dropdown to generate a Newsletter plugin subscribe checkbox.

Here is a full illustration of the options that are available:

Generate Tag

Go ahead and configure the subscribe checkbox according to your needs. Choose whether it should be checked by default, fill in the checkbox label/text that should display, choose the mailing list(s) that the users will be subscribed to and map fields from the form into the fields of the Newsletter plugin.

When you are done, copy the shortcode/tag in the brown field at the bottom and paste it somewhere in your form where you want the subscribe checkbox to appear.

Subscribe Checkbox


That’s it, you’re done. As your users fill in and submit your Contact Form 7 plugin forms and the checkbox is checked, they will be subscribed as email/newsletter subscribers into the WordPress Newsletter plugin according to the settings that you chose.