WordPress: Saving FTP Details

Doing an automatic upgrade of WordPress or any of your installed WordPress plugins is rather quick and painless though it could be much quicker if you didn’t have to fill in the FTP login details to your site each time.

jQuery : Auto iFrame Height

This article will show you how to automatically adjust the height of an iFrame to the height of the content inside of the iFrame with the use of the jQuery JavaScript library and the jQuery autoHeight plugin.

Clear DNS Cache

Mac OS Tiger Mac OS Leopard I have experienced some problems in the past (and still do from time to time) with opening specific sites from my computer while my internet connection is fine and other sites open without any issues.

Redirect a Web Page

This article will guide you through the procedure of redirecting a web page properly, the search engine friendly way with HTTP 301 status in order to tell search engines that the page has permanently moved to a different location.

WordPress Plugins 2009

I’ve decided to recommend 5 universal, essential plugins for WordPress so that you can start the year of 2009 on the right foot with your WordPress websites. If you haven’t tried these, go ahead and put them on your WordPress website!

WordPress Source Code Reference

Browse and search the WordPress source cross reference while working on WordPress related projects.

WordPress Whois Plugin

Download the WordPress WHOIS plugin which will allow you to insert a domain WHOIS search form into any WordPress post or page. WordPress Whois Plugin Berrie Pelser approached me after seeing the WHOIS script on my site. He asked if it would be possible to develop this script into a WordPress plugin. And so I

WordPress Image Gallery

Building WordPress image galleries is a rather painless process and allows you to display a set of photos/images to your users inside posts/pages related to an event or topic.

Turn off error reporting on your production site

On a production site, you would most likely want to hide all possible PHP errors, warnings and notices from your users for both usability, presentational and security purposes.

WordPress : Banner Ad Embedding

Do you feel the need to earn revenue from your WordPress blog or website but you haven’t found the appropriate solution to convert traffic into ROI? If your answer is YES, then it is probable that this post is aimed at you.