Create an SVN user

SVN users and their hashed (encrypted) passwords is stored in a file on your server. The name of the file could be dav_svn.passwd for example. In order to add more SVN users to this file so that they can login to the repositories, you need to execute HTPASSWD command on this file with the username Windows media player won’t scrobble

Chances are that you are having difficulties with scrobbling music from Windows Media Player to You should check your Windows media player plugins.

WordPress: Shortcode in Text Widget

By default, WordPress doesn’t parse WordPress or other 3rd party shortcodes in text widgets. I often see people putting shortcodes into text widgets and wonder why nothing is displayed.

Nofollow links in WordPress posts

You may want to create rel nofollow links in your WordPress posts when writing them for your own specific reasons. There are two ways of going about adding links with a nofollow relationships inside your TinyMCE editor.

WordPress: Using Really Simple Captcha

All WordPress plugin developers, you can integrate a security captcha image into your own WordPress plugin using the Really Simple Captcha plugin. It is a plugin in itself but it serves as an API and doesn’t have any purpose on its own without other plugins using it. This is an example of how to use

403 forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server

Solution for the error 403 Forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server. This specific HTTP 403 error will only appear on an Apache server.

Why I left the Rackspace Cloud

I started using the Rackspace cloud because of Rackspace’s good reputation and of course the ability to host multiple servers on a cloud at an “affordable” price. The Rackspace cloud gives you the ability to add multiple cloud servers on the go and resize them according to your resource needs. They bill you per hour

MacUpdate Promo Spring 2010 Bundle

MacUpdate has a promotional bundle for a limited time period only which includes 10 top Mac applications This bundle is only valid for another 10 days from now, when I publish this post on Lost-In-Code. Get it now! It includes…

MySQL : ORDER BY numbers

In this article I will show you how to order MySQL records by numeric values (numbers, integers & floats) from the smallest to the largest number or the other way around using a MySQL ORDER BY query.

WordPress : Enqueue Styles

This article will show you how to safely insert your CSS for your WordPress plugin or theme into the HEAD section of both the WordPress front-end and administration panel.