Here is everything you need to know about the Telkom Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

Ever wondered what FUP means? It stands for “Fair Usage Policy” and it simply means that if you use the internet fairly you are within the acceptable use but if you abuse the internet, you are breaking fair usage and then you need to be throttled accordingly.

What is the Fair usage policy?

In terms of the Telkom Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Telkom reserves the right to apply restrictions on an uncapped account if a customer’s behaviour is determined to be negatively affecting the user experience of other customers on Telkom’s network. Such restrictions may include but are not limited to throttling a customer’s throughput speeds to an appropriate proportion of the actual port speed and / or shaping a customer’s bandwidth to limit the use of bandwidth intensive protocols and applications. Examples of customer behaviour which may compromise Telkom’s network performance include, amongst other, causing congestion, running excessive concurrent internet sessions or accessing bandwidth intensive protocols such as peer-to-peer. Please click here to view the FUP policy.

FUP Levels explained

The FUP is dynamic and customers that reach FUP levels, will be throttled during specific peak time traffic on a daily basis. No throttling will take place for the remainder of the day. What does throttling mean? Throttling allows internet browsing, but at a reduced speed. Please be advised that each uncapped product has allocated FUP threshold parameters. Refer to the table below for more detailed information.

You will receive an in browser notification whilst online once you reach each FUP level. Please note that when you close the notification box, it will be removed and you will not receive the notification again in that month.

Total FUP and throttle speed per uncapped product:

Telkom Internet Uncapped Fair Usage Chart

Telkom Internet Uncapped Fair Usage Chart

Reminder: if you schedule your downloads and software updates between 12:00am and 07:00am, it will not count towards the FUP.

We trust that the information will assist you to both understand how your Telkom Internet Uncapped FUP works, as well as maximise your uncapped experience.