Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows


Yes, you can use your Apple wireless, bluetooth keyboard on Windows, no problem!

Follow these steps to connect your Apple wireless keyboard to your Windows computer:

1. Turn on your Apple wireless keyboard. Press the on button on the right hand side and hold it for longer than 3 seconds. That way you clear it’s memory and it will realize that you might want to connect it to a new device if you had it connected to a different computer before.

2. In Windows, go to Start > Devices and Printers.

3. Click “Add a Device” button at the top. This will open a new “Add a Device” dialog where your keyboard should be shown using a Bluetooth connection.

4. Select the keyboard device that shows up and click “Next”

5. You will be given a numeric code to enter on the keyboard. Enter the code exactly and then press Enter/Return on the keyboard to confirm.

Your Apple wireless keyboard is not setup!

If you experience any problems with it, restart your computer as that may solve the problem. It didn’t work for me immediately but a restart fixed the problem.

Remember that your Windows key is now the Command/Apple (cmd) key on the keyboard.
The Function (fn) key currently does nothing so you won’t be using it.
Control (Ctrl) and Alternative (Alt) can be used as normal and the same goes for the rest of the keys.