2CheckOut’s New Direct Checkout

We have been using 2CheckOut for roughly 7 years now.

I was positively surprised to see that 2CheckOut has a new checkout system/product called Direct Checkout which will keep your customers/clients on your website and show an appealing payment “dialog” for the payment of the transaction.

We will definitely be integrating the new Direct Checkout system from 2CO to replace our current Dynamic Checkout plug and play cart.


Here are some facts and assumptions about 2CheckOut’s new Direct Checkout system:

Dynamic Checkout Stays

The existing 2CO Dynamic Checkout system will remain intact and it isn’t replaced by this new Direct Checkout system. This is simply an alternative option for website owners and developers depending on what your needs are.

Easy To Integrate

It seems like it is extremely easy to integrate, especially if you already have the Dynamic Checkout integrated with a plug and play cart. The form values that you submit will change a bit, but they are more or less the same as the old system. They state in the Direct Checkout documentation that the return procedure remains the same which will save developers loads of time.

Standard Features Remain

Some standard and much useful features have been ported over like internationalisation (changing of language and currency). The PayPal option is still there so that all merchants can accept PayPal payments via 2CheckOut, even if PayPal is not supported in your country. And some other standard features are in the new Direct Checkout which I’m glad they didn’t remove.