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How to Wipe iPhone/iPad

It is important to erase your iPhone or iPad before you hand it over to someone else. The most common cases is when someone sells an iPhone or gives it to a family member to use. Video: How to Erase iPhone Or follow the written instructions below… How to Erase iPhone I’ll show you what

How to Disable Macbook Trackpad

You can disable your Macbook’s internal trackpad while you have a mouse or trackpad connected. Why Disable Macbook Trackpad? Your Macbook’s trackpad may be useless to you while you are you using a mouse or an external/wireless trackpad. It may even cause problems for you with accidental touches on the trackpad while you type, use

Mac OS – Change Downloads Folder

You can easily change the Downloads folder location on Mac OS X. Why Move Downloads Folder? There may be different reasons why people want to move their Downloads folder location. These days many of the Apple Macs come with solid state drives (SSD) which are not as large in volume/capacity as the hard disk drives

iOS 3D Touch Enhanced Apps

If you have the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can enjoy the new 3D Touch technology. What is 3D Touch? 3D Touch is new technology built into the iPhone 6S which senses how deep or hard you press on the screen.It allows you to execute quick actions, peek and pop certain content and

iOS Safari “Cannot decode raw data”

We setup a site recently and I experienced a “Cannot decode raw data” error in Safari on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. We have a caching plugin installed on the site on WordPress called WP Super Cache and I immediately assumed that this had something to do with it. Clearing the cache or

iOS7 Beta 3 Released

Apple has released beta 3 of it’s iOS7 and it is available for download right now. They included a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. See the release notes (unofficial) with all the changes made to this new beta release of iOS7. If you are running iOS7 beta 1 or 2, you can update by

iOS 6.1.4

Apple has released iOS 6.1.4 software update for the iPhone 5. The software update simply includes an updated audio profile for speaker phone. The update doesn’t include anything else other then this, according to Apple’s public release notes. No fixes, features or enhancements unfortunately. Based on some news and rumours, Apple is hard at work

Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for Mac OS X

It was always possible to add RSS feeds to Mac OS X and I used it frequently just like many of you. Unfortunately Apple killed RSS feeds in Mac OS X with the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The RSS feed in simply disappeared and it isn’t possible to subscribe

Mac OS X: Safari 6.0.4

Apple has released version 6.0.4 of it’s Safari web browser. The main and only reason for this update is to give you control over Java applet on a per-website basis. When you visit a website which tries to run a Java applet, Safari will ask you to block or allow the applet accordingly. It results

iOS: Skype Go Offline Setting

On the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices Skype has a “Go Offline” setting which can be found under Settings > Skype on your iOS device. What does the setting do? It was added at the end of 2010 by Skype to allow you to specify how long Skype should run in the background after