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Why I moved from GoDaddy to Dynadot

To start with, I didn’t actually move as such because I already had most of my domains with Dynadot but I still had a few domains on GoDaddy. In the past, I always found the DNS changes to GoDaddy domains extremely slow amongst several other things. Meaning, if you change the nameservers on a GoDaddy

WHM/cPanel Backup to Amazon S3

There are several ways to backup your server. If you have a WHM/cPanel server, WHM makes it easy for you to make backups under Backup > Backup Configuration and of course the legacy backup system under Backup > Legacy Backup Configuration. WHM creates backups inside the /backup directory by default and allows you to go as

Linux: Check inode usage in folders

Inodes are temporarily files stored on your server which are currently in use and not closed. They could be cache, temporary files or anything related and could be created in several different ways. Your server most likely has an inode usage quota (especially on VPS and shared hosting accounts) and if you exceed this it

Apache: Prevent Directory Browsing

Are web users able to browse the directories on your website and server and see all the files like folders with images in them and sub-folders?

Create an SVN user

SVN users and their hashed (encrypted) passwords is stored in a file on your server. The name of the file could be dav_svn.passwd for example. In order to add more SVN users to this file so that they can login to the repositories, you need to execute HTPASSWD command on this file with the username

403 forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server

Solution for the error 403 Forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server. This specific HTTP 403 error will only appear on an Apache server.

Why I left the Rackspace Cloud

I started using the Rackspace cloud because of Rackspace’s good reputation and of course the ability to host multiple servers on a cloud at an “affordable” price. The Rackspace cloud gives you the ability to add multiple cloud servers on the go and resize them according to your resource needs. They bill you per hour

Clear DNS Cache

Mac OS Tiger Mac OS Leopard I have experienced some problems in the past (and still do from time to time) with opening specific sites from my computer while my internet connection is fine and other sites open without any issues.

Redirect a Web Page

This article will guide you through the procedure of redirecting a web page properly, the search engine friendly way with HTTP 301 status in order to tell search engines that the page has permanently moved to a different location.

Install WordPress via Command Line

I wrote a useful article/tutorial over at BloggingRocket which guides you through the process of installing WordPress with Shell Access. Please feel free to check it out and comment.