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WordPress – Really Simple Captcha Cleanup

I will show you how to cleanup the image files that the Really Simple Captcha plugin creates. The plugin creates security captcha image files inside wp-content/plugins/really-simple-captcha/tmp/ directory. This directory may become very large and full of image files if you don’t remove them or clean them up accordingly. These image files can cause high innode

iOS Safari “Cannot decode raw data”

We setup a site recently and I experienced a “Cannot decode raw data” error in Safari on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. We have a caching plugin installed on the site on WordPress called WP Super Cache and I immediately assumed that this had something to do with it. Clearing the cache or

W3TC Fragment Caching

I previously wrote an article to explain how the fragment caching in W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress works. With their release of the fragment caching suddenly stopped working and they stated in their release notes that a new security string/constant named W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY is required in order for it to work. They implemented this

Contact Form 7 Email/Newsletter Subscribers

Email marketing is a great way of notifying your customers/clients about specials, news, etc. Sending a bulk email to your subscribers broadens your market in the aspect that you make them aware of something which they may not have known about and which they may find useful at the same time. We have written a

10% OFF all premium WordPress plugins

Tribulant Software has a promotion running throughout the year of 2012. Use the coupon code “2012” to get 10% OFF all premium WordPress plugins. http://blog.tribulant.com/general-news/happy-new-year-2012/ 

Canada Post API StatusCode -3001

If you are getting a ‘statusCode‘ as “-3001″ and a ‘statusMessage‘ as “Destination Postal Code/State Name/ Country is illegal.” from the Canada Post API, it means that the city/state/country is causing problems. At this stage, you’re obviously getting an XML response so the credentials, port, etc… should be perfectly fine. Ensure that your XML request

WordPress: Using Really Simple Captcha

All WordPress plugin developers, you can integrate a security captcha image into your own WordPress plugin using the Really Simple Captcha plugin. It is a plugin in itself but it serves as an API and doesn’t have any purpose on its own without other plugins using it. This is an example of how to use

WordPress Plugins 2009

I’ve decided to recommend 5 universal, essential plugins for WordPress so that you can start the year of 2009 on the right foot with your WordPress websites. If you haven’t tried these, go ahead and put them on your WordPress website!

WordPress Whois Plugin

Download the WordPress WHOIS plugin which will allow you to insert a domain WHOIS search form into any WordPress post or page. WordPress Whois Plugin Berrie Pelser approached me after seeing the WHOIS script on my site. He asked if it would be possible to develop this script into a WordPress plugin. And so I

WordPress Image Gallery

Building WordPress image galleries is a rather painless process and allows you to display a set of photos/images to your users inside posts/pages related to an event or topic.