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WordPress: 404 Not Found When Submitting Form

I’ve seen many designers/developers facing an inexplicable issue where a WordPress form goes to 404 Not Found page. The most obvious reason for this would be that the URL to which the form is submitting is incorrect. But after reviewing the code and making sure that the form submits to the correct URL (which exists),

WordPress – Really Simple Captcha Cleanup

I will show you how to cleanup the image files that the Really Simple Captcha plugin creates. The plugin creates security captcha image files inside wp-content/plugins/really-simple-captcha/tmp/ directory. This directory may become very large and full of image files if you don’t remove them or clean them up accordingly. These image files can cause high innode

TimThumb Alternative

We’ve been using TimThumb in many scripts and WordPress plugins over the past years and it is actually a great script but there are several disadvantages to using it: There was a security vulnerability several versions back and ever since people do not trust it anymore and many hosts still have it on a block

5 Ways to speed up your WordPress site

Having your WordPress site run as fast as possible is extremely important. If your pages load fast to visitors without too much delay it could mean many positive things for your site and business. Your search engine rankings may increase, your visitors will continue browsing your site if it is not a tedious procedure and

iOS Safari “Cannot decode raw data”

We setup a site recently and I experienced a “Cannot decode raw data” error in Safari on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. We have a caching plugin installed on the site on WordPress called WP Super Cache and I immediately assumed that this had something to do with it. Clearing the cache or

WordPress: Get Role by User ID

You may want to get the role of a WordPress user by ID or even the role of the current user. First off, if you’re doing this for the current user, you can use the global $user_ID variable as the current user ID. Here is a quick function you can use to get the role

W3TC Fragment Caching

I previously wrote an article to explain how the fragment caching in W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress works. With their release of the fragment caching suddenly stopped working and they stated in their release notes that a new security string/constant named W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY is required in order for it to work. They implemented this

Contact Form 7 Email/Newsletter Subscribers

Email marketing is a great way of notifying your customers/clients about specials, news, etc. Sending a bulk email to your subscribers broadens your market in the aspect that you make them aware of something which they may not have known about and which they may find useful at the same time. We have written a

WordPress: Create New Taxonomy Action Hook

You may want to do something in WordPress with an action hook when a new, custom taxonomy is created or edited. Unfortunately it seems like there is no documentation on this in the WordPress Codex that I could find. There is the create_category and edit_category action hooks though and since categories is a taxonomy you

WordPress: 404/Page Not Found On Form Posted Data

I struggled quite a while with this one and there was no specific indication as to what the problem was. I had an HTML form which was submitted and after submitting it, WordPress would show a 404/Page Not Found. I knew it was the $_POST posted form data as the page did exist and accessing