Author: Antonie Potgieter

Smok – Don’t Abuse Protects Error Message

If you have a Smok vape mod you may have experienced the Don’t Abuse Protects error message. The error message seems to appear on many of the Smok mods such as the Alien, Alien Mini AL85, G-Priv, GX350, etc. How to Fix: Don’t Abuse Protects It is quite hard to figure out the problem but the cause is when you turn off the tank/atomizer while the mod is off and screw it back on again or screw a new one on. The solution is to press the fire button so the screen comes on and then screw the tank...

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How to Play WD My Cloud on Apple TV

I see many people ask how a WD My Cloud drive’s media can be played on Apple TV directly but there aren’t any solid and specific answers. Each person recommends a different app or a way of streaming it through your Mac/PC using software. All of that is unnecessary. I found an easy way of streaming the media (photos, music and videos) through Apple TV 2nd generation without much hassle. I don’t think there is an easy way of doing it with the previous Apple TV generation though. You can play WD My Cloud media on Apple TV easily...

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git svn dcommit Fails

When you work on a Git repository and an SVN remote, you will do a git svn dcommit to commit each Git commit from your Git repository directly to your SVN remote repository as a revision for each. Easily fix git svn dcommit which fails. I have had some hurdles and issues with git svn in general and since they are different source control systems, it may be hard to understand what to do when something goes wrong. If you do a git svn dcommit and it hangs or fails for any reason, you can resolve the problem easily....

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MySQL: Optimize and Repair All Databases and All Tables

It is good practice in MySQL to check, optimize and repair all databases regularly. Most software packages will automatically check and optimize database tables on your server per website but this is not always the case so it may need to be done manually. Some databases or database tables could also become corrupt due to service bottlenecks or other failures and a repair should do the trick. All of this can be done with the mysqlcheck command if you are the server or database administrator. Optimize and Repair All Databases on Server You can easily optimize and auto repair...

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WordPress: 404 Not Found When Submitting Form

I’ve seen many designers/developers facing an inexplicable issue where a WordPress form goes to 404 Not Found page. The most obvious reason for this would be that the URL to which the form is submitting is incorrect. But after reviewing the code and making sure that the form submits to the correct URL (which exists), the error may persist and there is a very specific reason for that. A very common reason for this is that a POST or GET variable is a reserved WordPress term. So check the fields in your form and make sure that none of...

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