Author: Antonie Potgieter

OpenVPN Web UI Not Loading

I installed a VPN server recently using Amazon EC2 + OpenVPN and ran into an issue. After installation and configuration, the web ui didn’t load. I searched the web and found a few users with the same issue. Run the Configuration Wizard First thing you should do is to run the configuration wizard. Open up your terminal, login to your server via SSH and then execute this command: sudo /usr/local/openvpn_as/bin/ovpn-init That will take you through the configuration. Agree to the terms & conditions and go through the setup. All the settings can be left on the defaults except for...

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Google Drive is now Google Backup & Sync

Google Drive is being discontinued in favor of the new Google Backup & Sync. Many of us have used and are still using Google Drive to store all our files and documents online. At the same time you may have been using Google Photos to store all your photos and videos online, linked to your Google Account and Google Drive as well. Google Drive will be Discontinued Fewer of us actually used the Google Drive app on our Macs and PCs. The Google Drive app installed on your computer to automatically sync all your Google Drive files and documents...

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Linux – Monitor and Automatically Restart Services that Go Down

I was looking for a monitoring solution which will automatically restart services on a Linux server when they go down. After some research, I found Monit. It is an open-source utility which does just that. It can run as a daemon and check all your services on your server such as MySQL, Apache, SSH, FTP, etc. and start, stop or restart them as needed. You can configure Monit as you want it to work. Install and Configure Monit To install Monit on CentOS or similar distro, simply run: yum install monit When it’s done installing, you can edit the...

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How to Fix PHP DSO Permission Problems

PHP DSO permission issues are common when switching to the DSO handler. With PHP DSO, the processes run as a different user than the actual webserver user and as a result you may run into problems with reading/writing files as you could’ve usually done without hiccups. I prefer PHP DSO because it is much faster and I can specifically run things like XCache or Opcache with DSO which I cannot do with suPHP unfortunately. Fix PHP DSO Permission Problems The solution is to install and enable mod_ruid2 with your PHP. Recompile your PHP with mod_ruid2 and that will process...

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