Author: Antonie Potgieter

MySQL : Check if field exists

Sometimes, you need to check if a field exists in a table and if it doesn’t, you need to add it to the table and ensure that its there. Below is a snippet which you can use a reference for checking whether a field/column exists in a MySQL database table. $tableFields = mysql_list_fields("databasename", "tablename"); $columns = mysql_num_fields($fields); for ($i = 0; $i < $columns; $i++) { $field_array[] = mysql_field_name($fields, $i); } if (!in_array('list_id', $field_array)) { mysql_query("ALTER TABLE `tablename` ADD `fieldname` INT(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1';"); } I hope that you find this useful. The code above should give you a good idea of how to do...

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WordPress : Download Older Versions

In case you might need to download an older version of WordPress than the current, latest release, you can go to the release archive and obtain any of the previous releases as needed. And then, you can view all the WordPress release changelogs to see what changes have been made in each version which has been...

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