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Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows

Yes, you can use your Apple wireless, bluetooth keyboard on Windows, no problem! Follow these steps to connect your Apple wireless keyboard to your Windows computer: 1. Turn on your Apple wireless keyboard. Press the on button on the right hand side and hold it for longer than 3 seconds. That way you clear it’s

W3TC Fragment Caching

I previously wrote an article to explain how the fragment caching in W3 Total Cache plugin for WordPress works. With their release of the fragment caching suddenly stopped working and they stated in their release notes that a new security string/constant named W3TC_DYNAMIC_SECURITY is required in order for it to work. They implemented this

iOS 6.1.4

Apple has released iOS 6.1.4 software update for the iPhone 5. The software update simply includes an updated audio profile for speaker phone. The update doesn’t include anything else other then this, according to Apple’s public release notes. No fixes, features or enhancements unfortunately. Based on some news and rumours, Apple is hard at work

Contact Form 7 Email/Newsletter Subscribers

Email marketing is a great way of notifying your customers/clients about specials, news, etc. Sending a bulk email to your subscribers broadens your market in the aspect that you make them aware of something which they may not have known about and which they may find useful at the same time. We have written a

2CheckOut’s New Direct Checkout

We have been using 2CheckOut for roughly 7 years now. I was positively surprised to see that 2CheckOut has a new checkout system/product called Direct Checkout which will keep your customers/clients on your website and show an appealing payment “dialog” for the payment of the transaction. We will definitely be integrating the new Direct Checkout

Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for Mac OS X

It was always possible to add RSS feeds to Mac OS X and I used it frequently just like many of you. Unfortunately Apple killed RSS feeds in Mac OS X with the release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The RSS feed in simply disappeared and it isn’t possible to subscribe

Mac OS X: Safari 6.0.4

Apple has released version 6.0.4 of it’s Safari web browser. The main and only reason for this update is to give you control over Java applet on a per-website basis. When you visit a website which tries to run a Java applet, Safari will ask you to block or allow the applet accordingly. It results

WordPress: Create New Taxonomy Action Hook

You may want to do something in WordPress with an action hook when a new, custom taxonomy is created or edited. Unfortunately it seems like there is no documentation on this in the WordPress Codex that I could find. There is the create_category and edit_category action hooks though and since categories is a taxonomy you

iOS: Skype Go Offline Setting

On the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices Skype has a “Go Offline” setting which can be found under Settings > Skype on your iOS device. What does the setting do? It was added at the end of 2010 by Skype to allow you to specify how long Skype should run in the background after

iPhone App Switching

Yes you can multitask with the iPhone 5 using app switching. Simply tap the home button twice quickly to see running apps sorted by the most recent. Switching back and forth keeps the apps in their current state. This is probably the most efficient way of switching between apps on the iPhone and you dont