Month: March 2017

git svn dcommit Fails

When you work on a Git repository and an SVN remote, you will do a git svn dcommit to commit each Git commit from your Git repository directly to your SVN remote repository as a revision for each. Easily fix git svn dcommit which fails. I have had some hurdles and issues with git svn in general and since they are different source control systems, it may be hard to understand what to do when something goes wrong. If you do a git svn dcommit and it hangs or fails for any reason, you can resolve the problem easily....

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MySQL: Optimize and Repair All Databases and All Tables

It is good practice in MySQL to check, optimize and repair all databases regularly. Most software packages will automatically check and optimize database tables on your server per website but this is not always the case so it may need to be done manually. Some databases or database tables could also become corrupt due to service bottlenecks or other failures and a repair should do the trick. All of this can be done with the mysqlcheck command if you are the server or database administrator. Optimize and Repair All Databases on Server You can easily optimize and auto repair...

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