Month: April 2010

403 forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server

Solution for the error 403 Forbidden you don’t have permission to access / on this server. This specific HTTP 403 error will only appear on an Apache server. First thing to check is the permissions on the specified directory. It needs to be at least 644 or even better 755 which you can set via FTP using your FTP client. Then also check with your hosting provider if Apache mod_security is on and if it could be filtering POST/GET data or the URL itself. If neither of that is the case, continue on… You can just execute the following...

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Why I left the Rackspace Cloud

I started using the Rackspace cloud because of Rackspace’s good reputation and of course the ability to host multiple servers on a cloud at an “affordable” price. The Rackspace cloud gives you the ability to add multiple cloud servers on the go and resize them according to your resource needs. They bill you per hour based on the amount of resources (disk space and RAM) and the total amount of bandwidth that you use per month. I had one server on the Rackspace cloud with 160Gb hard drive space and 4096Mb of RAM. Unfortunately, after spending several days migrating all my sites over to the new cloud server I realized that easily about 60 – 70% of all outgoing emails to clients, colleagues, friends, etc. bounced back stating that that MTA has a poor reputation. I checked to see if my IP was on a blacklist and so it was. The IP was blacklisted on and still is as you’ll see here (type in If the IP was blacklisted due to my own malicious work, I would take responsibility for it but this is how I got the IP in the first place. Not only that single IP is blacklisted but the entire IP range is blacklisted so it is affecting thousands of users. So I contacted Rackspace support and their response was… Unfortunately in order for...

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