Month: November 2008

WordPress Plugins 2009

I’ve decided to recommend 5 universal, essential plugins for WordPress so that you can start the year of 2009 on the right foot with your WordPress websites. If you haven’t tried these, go ahead and put them on your WordPress website! 5 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2009 Ohz’ Admin Drop Down Menu Have you ever felt that you spend too much unnecessary time in the WordPress dashboard? It could be because of the fact that there is a large number of menus, mostly with sub-menus. This plugin will save you loads of time as you browse through the WordPress administration panel, directly going to the specific sections you need to from drop down menus. Of course, this plugin will most likely not be needed anymore once WordPress 2.7 has been officially released. Simple Tags Easily and seamlessly manage your WordPress tags to drastically improve your search engine optimization (SEO). You can manage all your tags and mass edit your tags as needed. This tool has helped me to organize the tags on my site better and easily tag multiple posts with specific target keywords/phrases. Banner Rotator Plugin Do you have a WordPress website that provides rich content to users on a frequent basis which drives a good amount of traffic? If you do, it probably won’t hurt to make a little extra revenue from the website through advertisement publishing,...

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WordPress Source Code Reference

Browse and search the WordPress source cross reference while working on WordPress related projects. WordPress Function Cross-reference What is a WordPress source reference? It is a type of documentation that displays a treeview with the folder/file structure of the WordPress platform. You can view the source code of all the files and search the package for functions/methods, class names, constants, variables and more directly in your browser. It is a reference which has been provided to you to use while you work on WordPress themes, plugins and related things. What can I do with it? While you are working on any WordPress related projects, you might need to modify the source code of plugins, themes and other parts of WordPress as you move along. The source reference allows you to search for WordPress functions, classes, constants and more. It is a very useful tool that will drastically increase your productivity on WordPress...

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WordPress Whois Plugin

Download the WordPress WHOIS plugin which will allow you to insert a domain WHOIS search form into any WordPress post or page. WordPress Whois Plugin Berrie Pelser approached me after seeing the WHOIS script on my site. He asked if it would be possible to develop this script into a WordPress plugin. And so I developed a very simple, yet useful, GPL based WordPress WHOIS Plugin. The first version of the WordPress WHOIS plugin has been released and is available for download right now. We are already working on a new release with new features, improvements and configuration settings to give you the flexibility that you need. Have fun with the fastest WHOIS script...

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WordPress Image Gallery

Building WordPress image galleries is a rather painless process and allows you to display a set of photos/images to your users inside posts/pages related to an event or topic. In case you are interested in seeing what the result looks like, you may want to look at the Kgaswane Nature Reserve post I wrote on the Rustenburg website I built for my town/city. It has a set of photos in a WordPress post in a gallery format. Beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, the nature reserve is beautiful as well! What You Need Before we get started, there are two WordPress plugins which you are going to need. Neither of them are specifically required but I recommend them since they integrate very well and will provide your users with a more pleasant browsing experience and also gives you the flexibility that you need. WordPress Lightbox Plugin WordPress Gallery Plus Plugin The first plugin was developed by myself personally. I released it on the Tribulant Software website and it requires a license. It integrates the Lightbox JavaScript library into WordPress and gives you the ability to display images in an overlay on the same page. The second plugin is a free, GPL based plugin which was developed by Peggy & Justin Hawkwood. The Gallery Plus plugin simply adds configuration values for the WordPress “gallery” shortcode in the “Settings” section of your WordPress...

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