WordPress : Banner Ad Embedding

Do you feel the need to earn revenue from your WordPress blog or website but you haven’t found the appropriate solution to convert traffic into ROI? If your answer is YES, then it is probable that this post is aimed at you.

The ultimate WordPress banner embedding solution is the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin which has been developed and is maintained by Tribulant Software.

With the banner rotator plugin, you can quickly and easily create as many image, flash and code (HTML & JavaScript) ads in the administration panel as you need to and assign each ad to a size and a zone (group). You have full control over each of your banner ads by specifying the source, location URL, target window, maximum impressions (optional), expiry date (optional) and much more…

Once you have some banner ads available, you can start placing them on the fron-end of your WordPress website. There are three (3) different ways of embedding banner ads on your WordPress website. For each of the embedding methods, you can either place a single banner ad, rotate the ads of a specific size or rotate the ads of a specific zone (group) according to your needs.

With your banner ads showing on the front-end of your WordPress website, you can view the total impressions and clicks of each ad in the administration panel in order to keep track of which ads are performing the best. If you notice that a banner ad isn’t performing well, you don’t need to delete/remove it but rather deactivate it in the admin panel to stop it from showing temporarily.

In case you are interested in purchasing the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin, you might want to look at the new WordPress Plugins Bundle which includes the WordPress Banner Rotator plugin (and two other powerful WordPress plugins) at a 30% discounted price.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact Tribulant Software with your questions, queries and requests.

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    Banner Advertising: This is a great plugin. Is it possible to specify how many times a certain ad will show?

    Yes, you can optionally specify a maximum number of impressions for each of your ads. Additionally, you can also specify an expiry date for each of your ads if you wanted to.

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