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Why I moved from GoDaddy to Dynadot

To start with, I didn’t actually move as such because I already had most of my domains with Dynadot but I still had a few domains on GoDaddy. In the past, I always found the DNS changes to GoDaddy domains extremely slow amongst several other things. Meaning, if you change the nameservers on a GoDaddy

TimThumb Alternative

We’ve been using TimThumb in many scripts and WordPress plugins over the past years and it is actually a great script but there are several disadvantages to using it: There was a security vulnerability several versions back and ever since people do not trust it anymore and many hosts still have it on a block

2CO Closed Our Account

The intend of this article is not malicious or to badmouth 2CO (2CheckOut) but rather to give insight to those interested in using it, to relate to those who have faced the same problem and also to tell our story. We have been using 2CO for 7+ years with great success, selling hundreds of thousands

5 Ways to speed up your WordPress site

Having your WordPress site run as fast as possible is extremely important. If your pages load fast to visitors without too much delay it could mean many positive things for your site and business. Your search engine rankings may increase, your visitors will continue browsing your site if it is not a tedious procedure and

iOS Safari “Cannot decode raw data”

We setup a site recently and I experienced a “Cannot decode raw data” error in Safari on iOS for both the iPhone and iPad. We have a caching plugin installed on the site on WordPress called WP Super Cache and I immediately assumed that this had something to do with it. Clearing the cache or

Win an iPad Mini or WordPress plugins

Tribulant Software is currently running an online, open contest to give away a WordPress plugin license every two weeks and an Apple iPad Mini grand prize at the end of the contest. Anyone can enter into the contest and the winners are drawn randomly from the entries database. Go to the iPad Mini Giveaway contest.

WHM/cPanel Backup to Amazon S3

There are several ways to backup your server. If you have a WHM/cPanel server, WHM makes it easy for you to make backups under Backup > Backup Configuration and of course the legacy backup system under Backup > Legacy Backup Configuration. WHM creates backups inside the /backup directory by default and allows you to go as

WordPress: Get Role by User ID

You may want to get the role of a WordPress user by ID or even the role of the current user. First off, if you’re doing this for the current user, you can use the global $user_ID variable as the current user ID. Here is a quick function you can use to get the role

Beware of

I had a very negative experience with and I feel that they are a scam and that I should warn the rest of you on the internet so that you don’t get scammed like I was. This article is purely based on facts, material and conversations with I received a newsletter from

iOS7 Beta 3 Released

Apple has released beta 3 of it’s iOS7 and it is available for download right now. They included a bunch of improvements and bug fixes. See the release notes (unofficial) with all the changes made to this new beta release of iOS7. If you are running iOS7 beta 1 or 2, you can update by