WordPress: 404 Not Found When Submitting Form

I’ve seen many designers/developers facing an inexplicable issue where a WordPress form goes to 404 Not Found page. The most obvious reason for this would be that the URL to which the form is submitting is incorrect. But after reviewing the code and making sure that the form submits to the correct URL (which exists),

AWS EC2 Nameservers With WHM/cPanel

If you have an EC2 instance running on Amazon AWS and you have installed WHM/cPanel on it, you can configure your own, custom nameservers on it. It consists of a few quick and easy steps: Linking your internal, private IPs and your elastic IPs. Setting up your IPs in WHM. Registering your namservers at your

WordPress – Really Simple Captcha Cleanup

I will show you how to cleanup the image files that the Really Simple Captcha plugin creates. The plugin creates security captcha image files inside wp-content/plugins/really-simple-captcha/tmp/ directory. This directory may become very large and full of image files if you don’t remove them or clean them up accordingly. These image files can cause high innode

How to Wipe iPhone/iPad

It is important to erase your iPhone or iPad before you hand it over to someone else. The most common cases is when someone sells an iPhone or gives it to a family member to use. Video: How to Erase iPhone Or follow the written instructions below… How to Erase iPhone I’ll show you what

How to Test Email Spam Score

You can test the spam score of your emails/newsletters before sending them out. What is Email Spam Score? A spam score is a score given to emails by SpamAssassin or similar software on the incoming mail server. The email spam score is determined by a range of checks, validations and algorithms to give an email

How to Disable Macbook Trackpad

You can disable your Macbook’s internal trackpad while you have a mouse or trackpad connected. Why Disable Macbook Trackpad? Your Macbook’s trackpad may be useless to you while you are you using a mouse or an external/wireless trackpad. It may even cause problems for you with accidental touches on the trackpad while you type, use

Mac OS – Change Downloads Folder

You can easily change the Downloads folder location on Mac OS X. Why Move Downloads Folder? There may be different reasons why people want to move their Downloads folder location. These days many of the Apple Macs come with solid state drives (SSD) which are not as large in volume/capacity as the hard disk drives

iOS 3D Touch Enhanced Apps

If you have the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, you can enjoy the new 3D Touch technology. What is 3D Touch? 3D Touch is new technology built into the iPhone 6S which senses how deep or hard you press on the screen.It allows you to execute quick actions, peek and pop certain content and

YouTube Subscribe Link/Button

I’ll show you how to create a YouTube subscribe link and button for your channel. Growing the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel is extremely important. With a large number of YouTube subscribers, you’ll have a following of YouTube users who will see your videos in their recommended feed and some will even be

Why I moved from GoDaddy to Dynadot

To start with, I didn’t actually move as such because I already had most of my domains with Dynadot but I still had a few domains on GoDaddy. In the past, I always found the DNS changes to GoDaddy domains extremely slow amongst several other things. Meaning, if you change the nameservers on a GoDaddy

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